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Don't Let Dead Air Ruin Your Day PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 November 2015 03:30

NEW - Now implemented !!

We now can detect silence in your stream.  Before we could only detect if your SHOUTcast stream was up or down ... and streaming or not streaming.

We will detect silence, commonly known as 'dead air'.  A lot of people have been asking about this and now it is a reality.

Prices are the SAME as before .. no increases for this new service.

If you don't want this feature, you can disable it and just check to see if your server is up or down.


BRAND NEW - SHOUTcast Version 2 PDF Print E-mail

Now Stream Verify works with both SHOUTcast version 1 and SHOUTcast version 2.

We have so many inquiries from potential customers that have asked for this feature, we have now added.  The popularity of SHOUTcast version two is growing, so now we also support it.  If you go off the air, we will notify you by SMS or e-mail.

Prices are the same as before.  No need to order it specially, you just select it on your Control Panel.

So for port number .. if you have a SID of 1 and a port of 8004, under the port entry you would enter:


How It Works PDF Print E-mail

We have servers in the US and Europe.  Our proprietary software runs on a LINUX server every few minutes and checks the status of your stream.

Several options are available:

  • Notify when stream is down
  • Notify 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times and stop or never stop notifying
  • Any cell phones in the US and abroad can be used
  • Turn E-mail notification on or off
  • Turn IM notification on or off
  • Notify when stream is back on the air (or not)
  • Monthly up-time statistics

Discounts for mutilple streams.

So why wait, start today !!

Don't Let A Down Stream Ruin Your Day PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever returned back to you broadcast PC and found that it has been off the air for 8 hours?  Sometimes listeners will find another station to listen to and won't come back when that happens.

We have the solution -- Stream Verify -- we check to see if you radio station is up every 5, 10, or 15 minutes and notify you by Instant Message (IM) and / or E-mail when it goes off-the-air.

Monitor 1 or more stations.  Always know the status of your station.

Pricing PDF Print E-mail

Our pricing is the lowest that you will find out there.  Price is as low as one dollar a month for multiple streams.

  • Monitor 1 station - every 5 minutes - $3 / month
  • Monitor 1 station - every 10 minutes - $2.50 / month
  • Monitor 1 station - every 15 minutes - $2 / month

See pricing page for discounts on more than 1 stream

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